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Full Computer Diagnostics for all makes and models

However tempting it might be to skip a car’s annual service or manufacturers mileage interval, you’re likely to pay handsomely in the future. What may save you a few pounds in the short term, may well lead to a more expensive outcome. The aim of servicing the car regularly is to allow the car to run as smoothly as possible – fresh oil and a clean air filter for example – and gives the mechanic an opportunity to identify any problems that may be developing. If you do less than 8000 miles a year an annual service would suffice, however if you are a heavy user, more regular intervals are recommended. State of the art Computer Diagnostic equipment allows Keith to effectively diagnose and rectify faults with almost every make of car.

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Legal issues

Headlight Bulb

Headlight Bulb

One important thing to consider is the fact that you must ensure your car is legal. Missing that service could mean that worn or misaligned part causes you a problem with the law – tyres and headlights being classic examples.

Doing it for the right reasons

Car Alloy Wheel


Safety and peace of mind are also two important factors. When it comes to safety, obvious things like tyres, wiper blades and lights – any failure of these parts can have serious consequences. Worn items could at best leave you stranded and at worst put your life at risk.

Thinking of Reselling

Pounds Sterling


When it comes to selling your car a comprehensive set of maintenance records can instill confidence in any buyer that the car has been well looked after. This could be the difference between making a sale and having to compromise on your asking price.

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